VZT is safe and comfortable for flying. Polycarbonate transparent tube gives you a safe and enjoyable experience, while the instructor is with you throughout the flight.
Generally, no. There is no jumping or fear of falling because you simply navigate through the air. There is no feeling of falling or anything that would lead to nausea.
Flying is a great form of exercise which does not include physical contact. It’s fun and body does not feel the effort of activities (possibly after, if you spend enough time in air). During the flight, most of the body muscles work at once, including those that are usually ignored.
Most people can master the basics of a stable posture on air after only 5-10 minutes spent in the tunnel.
No, you can’t. It’s just like when you push your head through the window while driving in the car. All you feel is the wind on your face. You can breathe normally throughout the flight.
The lower limit is six years, and there is no upper limit depending on stamina. For children under 18 years old parents must sign a consent.
There is, but figures are indicative. Several inches or pounds will not make a big difference. The limits are determined for yours and instructors safety.
Up to 150 cm in height – up to 50 kg
150 cm – 50 kg – 65 kg
160 cm high – 50 kg – 75 kg
170 cm high – 50 kg – 85 kg
180 cm high – 50 kg – 95 kg
200 cm high – 50 kg – 115 kg
More than 200 cm – 120 kg
If a group of people wants to book an hour or more, that should be announced two days before.
Dress “casual”: pants and shirt without a collar. Before the flight you don’t have to change your clothes, the flight suit goes over your clothes.
During the flight, the instructor will have to hold you by your suit in order to coordinate you.
We primarily care for the your safety of your flight in the tunnel so tricks can be performed only by experienced flyers. Some first time flyers can even make turns to the left and to the right and move up and down if the instructor determines that they have mastered the basic.
Yes. You need to remove everything that could fall out during the flight, such as necklace, earrings, bracelets, watches, rings or hairpins. You need to empty your pockets, and there is a space where you can leave your things before your flight. However, we recommend that you leave valuable things at home.


We are available for any additional questions.