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For the first time in Croatia there is an attraction for all lovers of adrenaline and all who would like to try something new.
Read what media is saying about us.

The unique free fall simulator, a masterpiece of family Vugrek

Wind tunnel in Golubovec products tsunami

After all segments of the construction it is an exclusive wind tunnel and simulator.

– 7 Plus – Tjednik Regionalni (12/01/2009)

Family Vugrek made a wind tunnel to simulate free fall

In Novi Golubovec everyone will be able to fly

Vertical wind tunnel will be 16 wide and 9 meters high, and the mass of the structure is 50 tons. It will be able to train paratroopers and is the only such tunnel in the region.

The designers have devoted much attention to design, quality and safety, and anyone can fly on the simulator, without any special preparation because everyone can master the technique of floating in a minute, goggles are the only equipment a fliyer has to have.

– We got the idea from following websites with tourist destinations in Europe and the world where similar facilities offer fun for all ages, following the trend of parachuting and skydiving. Croatia is a tourist country and we thought that such a wind tunnel, set to a tourist town in the country or in Zagreb.

– Večernji list, Zagorje (10/23/2009)