Experience of flying you’ve never tried before!

Vertical wind tunnel in which a rotor with blades, in a vertical pipe, suppresses a large amount of air (max 53m / s), allowing you just enough amount of air required for pleasure flight.

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Why you should try it?

  • simulates the same conditions as in free fall
  • it’s performed in a fully controlled environment
  • great for those who have a fear of heights or flight
  • safe for children and adults
  • requires no previous experience
  • excellent choice for those who wish to experience the fun full of adrenaline


How it works:

  • it consists of a rotor in the vertical pipe suppressing a large amount of air of about 200 km/h
  • rotors with blades are powered with powerful diesel engine type MTU 1350 hp Maybach Mercedes
  • in the upper part of the tube is a protective net for flyers
  • space for flyers is protected with polycarbonate tube – diameter 3m
  • every flight is required to be in the presence of an instructor who helps beginners